Rally: No to Trump, No to Turnbull - Let the Refugees In

With the likes of Donald Trump and Cory Bernadi using their positions to single out refugees and Muslims, now more than ever it is important to stand shoulder to shoulder with those in our community facing discrimination and fight to protect the rights of all people.

We must send a powerful message that we say no to racism. It’s time to condemn the racist politics of Trump, Bernadi and Hanson and dismantle our own racist immigration system -- starting by closing the camps.

Will you join us at a community rally on Saturday February 18 to continue to stand up for refugees and Muslims?

February 18, 2017 at 2pm - 4pm
State Library of Victoria
Rob ·
Bridget Lea Sophal Lee Gill Molyneux Deborah Van Urk Girish Sagaram Khuram Shahzad Owen Milner Lyndel Robinson James Haigh Alison Copley Xanya Mamunya Joanne Lazzaro Elizabeth Paull Rob McKechnie Simon Heaney Elke Schroeder Anita Rolfe James Champion Peter Conlon Cameron Grace A Saxby Peter Farago Rebecca Webb Naomi Crafti Nicola Dann Leslie Gilbert Maria Salagaras Kim Joanne Kim Page Lucy Crook Angela Crocombe Vivien Smith Helen Kane Ann Ng Alice Turner carline jacjson Jane Hodge Madeleine McClelland Kylie Doust Adriane Strampp Louisa Wise Diana Greentree Adam Pulford

Will you come?